Exposing My Soul in Art

The little seedlings are sprouting, the birds are chirping, the air is warming (but still cool enough to really enjoy), and the baby elk and bears are exploring their new world. There is something about the late spring, almost summer time, that begs me to be more (or at all) crafty.   I have the desire. I always have the desire. But I hardly make the space. For me, being crafty takes intention and loads of planning. I am surrounded by a multitude of friends who can whip up an elaborate fairy castle from rocks and twigs or a puppet theatre from silk scarves and broken tree limbs with little thought. Yet while I can sit here and tell you what they did I have a hard time creating it myself. This is a wall that I am committed to smashing down this summer. I want to walk through time and space with the mind of a child. They do not seem to be inhibited with creativity as I find that I have become. Here is an example from the homeschool kids at The Learning Center here in Kittredge, Colorado.


They took random scrap pieces and made a car, slowly cultivating it from this piece and that. And it doesn’t stay the same. Each day a shift might happen. One kiddo might say, “What happens if….?” and from there the shift is created. I find it to be true craftiness. What I am learning from these young, yet highly intuitive souls, is that nothing is statistic, energy flows and craftiness comes from within without judgment. If something doesn’t fit or jive JUST CHANGE IT. 

So by embracing my crafty-self this summer I am committed to allowing my inner soul to be exposed outward, free from the fear of:

“Does it look good enough?”

“Can I actually create in the physical what is in my mind?”

“Will others like it?”

I will start slow and easy, not from fear, but to build trust within myself. As humans when we get closer to our scary places we tend to back away instead of crossing the edge, afraid of falling through a crack or maybe from uncertainties of what’s on the other side.   I will cross my edges one at a time artistically, gleefully, and in full embrace of the new life energies that are present right NOW. And each crossing will give me the courage to cross another. So what if my hand made knit scarf  looks wonky or my painting is not symmetrical!!! Who says that’s not beautiful?

Recently I found two projects that I have found inspiration in that I WILL be creating. The first one from The Craft Nest is an outdoor chill space and reading center crafted with a hula-hoop, twine, ribbon, and fabric.


And the next is a wet felting project that I found on Small Town in the Big City. This is her  wet felting flower art.


My daughter (and son) will LOVE this.

Art is whatever you want it to be and crafting, a form of art, is simply expression.  So to all of you…I wish you merriment in exposing your soul in art this summer.

I would love to hear what your plans are for creating this summer.


To your art,



2 thoughts on “Exposing My Soul in Art

    • Hi Mimi, I love crafting. I have finally finished all of my Summer ‘obligations’ and can step into my artsy self. I am excited to see what appears. Do you have anything you are creating this Summer?

      Blessings to you, Kimberly

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